Donate Legal Fund-Save Our Fields


 Dear Residents of Canterbury and surrounding areas         

Please spread the word to your friends and neighbours about our legal challenge to save our fields from the development pictured above.

We ask you to kindly donate to our challenge by donating £15 or whatever you can afford by Donating online or by sending a cheque to the Kent Environment & Community Network at Netherbury, Meadow Close, Bridge, Kent CT4 5ATonline, by sending a cheque, to the Kent Environment & Community Network (KECN), c/o Netherbury, Meadow Close, Bridge, Kent CT4 5AT or by paying KECN by BACS Account number 65457863, Sort Code 089299[1].

Judicial review proceedings were lodged in the High Court of February 8th 2017 by Emily Shirley and Michael Rundell, concerning the failure of the Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government, of not calling-in the Corinthian application, on air pollution grounds.

The Government has been told by the High Court that it has to create air pollution plans that comply with air pollution limits in our area but instead, they sit back and refuse to do anything about this development that will obviously make air pollution worse by adding around 28,000 extra vehicular journeys daily to Canterbury’s congested roads. This is not just about Canterbury South. The traffic generated by this development will impact negatively on all the City and nearby villages.

100 people die annually in Canterbury because of air pollution.

The aim is to raise around £25,000 to cover this legal challenge and a second judicial review to the Corinthian Planning Decision by Canterbury City Council, once and when it is issued. The monies raised are needed to cover all legal costs. Robert McCracken QC is representing us for a cut-rate price because he cares about Canterbury. It was he who fought and won the Canterbury College relocation back in 2000 on behalf of Emily Shirley.  We believe in a sustainable Canterbury and we want to see planning proposals which deliver a safer, healthier and a better future for everyone.

There is now a facebook group fundraising page that you may wish to join to keep you updated on what is happening with the case. It is called SWITCH (Sustainable Ways Integral to Canterbury’s Health).

Please also consider holding a fundraising event in your area to help us raise the funds needed. We also will need help with leafletting.

Thank you and we hope you can help in some way.

Yours sincerely

Emily Shirley  & Michael Rundell

March 2017

[1] The Kent Environment & Community Network was set up in 2008 to help achieve environmental justice in Kent. It is a not for profit voluntary organisation and became a Company Limited by Guarantee in 2011. The accounts are submitted to Company House every year.


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