25th Oct 2017

Two Legal Challenges re Canterbury Air Pollution Breaches

On August 21st, a further legal challenge was lodged, this time against the Adopted Canterbury Local Plan, for failing to have adequate policies in place to reduce unlawful air pollution limits, as soon as possible. Permission to proceed with this case is awaited from the High Court.

The first challenge to the Canterbury Urban South Extension application that was lodged in early February 2017, was unsuccessful at first instance. However, the Judge did not properly grapple with our arguments. Permission is being sought from the Court of Appeal to appeal this ruling.

Air pollution is a hot potato, not just in Canterbury but all over the UK. In Canterbury AQMA2_Declaration1 alone, 100 people die prematurely annually because of air pollution. Countless others suffer harm especially the young, elderly and weak. Since 2010, Canterbury has been in breach of lawful air pollution limits. The pollution in Canterbury is caused by vehicular exhaust,N02 and occurs in most of the key roads around Canterbury, as the AQMA2 Declaration link above, demonstrates.

In the UK, 40,000 people die prematurely from air pollution every year. It is time that this issue is properly addressed so that people, other animals and the environment can breathe safely. These legal challenges aim to achieve this.

Around £12,000 has been raised by the community to pay for the legal challenges so far. A further c.£15,000 is still needed to cover all legal costs. Please help by sending a cheque to the Kent Environment & Community Network c/o Netherbury, Meadow Close, Bridge, Kent CT4 5AT. THANK YOU!